Phantom Computing

Located in Kingston Ontario we are your local and professional IT support, web designers and service providers. We are here to meet all of your technology needs weather it be your home computer with virus', your employee's computer not going fast enough to allow them to work efficiently or your website is in need of a refresh and update to bring it up to what consumers are looking for in this web based age.

Phantom Computing knows that each client and their business is different and must be treated differently. You are looking for a website that is professional and represents your business in a way that appeals to your customer base. It has to bring in the eyes and keep them there so you can show off what you have to offer. Your site must engage your viewers and result in a good or even better a great ROI. Your website is the central point for your digital presence and that must show your business off in the best way possible. We get that and that is why we work with you to make that all happen. Since we work with you through the whole web design process and ensure you are on board every step of the way, we can provide top quality service and results to our clients that meet their desires and requirements.

We all know that sometimes computers die or just plain go sideways on us. We are there to fix those issues for you, weather that be removing virus', dealing with updates and regular maintenance or doing a new roll out. We work with commercial and residential clients to resolve their issues in a timely manner so they can go back to what they want to and not be dealing with computer issues. If you're having issues with your computer Contact Us.