Importance Of Website Maintenance

Making sure you maintain your website is critical for SEO. Websites with old content that has not been changed can be skipped over by search engines such as Google. This is because they check your HTTP header for the if-modified-since date to see if anything has changed since the last time they have crawled the site. Failing to make modifications frequently can cause you to be put below active competitors in the search rankings.


Maintaining a website can actually save you money in the longer term because you will have new up to date content that can easily be transferred to your new site with easy. Depending on how your site is created you may have the option of just copy and pasting content cover to your new updated site. Not having to create new content when you build a new site makes the cost of it significantly cheaper as you will have spent the money on it over time and not need to pay out in a lump sum. Getting that big invoice can be hard to handle so paying for website maintenance can help spread that cost out. Emergency repairs to your site should something go wrong can be very costly because many shops will change 1.5x their hourly rate because they have to stop work on projects to handle your site which costs them more in labor costs. Having a website maintenance package means that you don't have to pay that extra amount should something go wrong. You will have been doing things to prevent it and should it happen you have someone there who has planned to do work on your site resulting in it only costing you the hourly rate compared to 1.5x it. That is a 50% savings! Contact us to inquire about our website maintenance packages that are available.