Website In Mind?

Thinking of web design, you know what it is your dream website looks like, the colours, design and branding all figured out perfectly. Trying yourself will seems to result in a bit off perfect or plain out right does not come close to what you envisioned for your company. You can spend hours upon hours working away to get that perfect online public brand image without triumph. We have the know how to make your perfect website come to life and be a reality in no time at all. We work with you to figure out and draw out your vision, then work to design that vision for your company and brand.

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Websites Can Be Scary

We know that creating or updating your website can be a scary and stressful process we are here to make that process simple and easy for you. We are passionate about our work and stay up to date on all of the newest and latest technologies in the web design and development field. The web is a twisted, intertwining mess that is complicated and hard to navigate, it take someone with great skill to navigate it with relative ease. From set up to final product we take care of it for you and guide you through it all step by step. Web design is a simple process with the right people helping you along.

Considering The Cost

When thinking about your dream website you might wonder what it will cost to have it created for you as you want to spend your time running your own business not making your website. There are many options for how to create your website that will effect the cost because quality work and service, it comes at a price.

We use different methods of creating your website to fit with your budget. With strategic planning and skilled developers we are able to meet your vision and your budget. We develop for small and medium companies so we know what it takes to ensure you have an amazing website for your clients to see. We provide free estimates so don't be afraid to contact us through our contact us page. We are friendly and will work with you to get a solid idea of what it is you want and your budget, then see if that fits with what we do. Prices starting at only $249.99

Email Hosting

It is know that gmail is a great platform to use for personal email but it is not often known that it can be used for your business. Having an account that is does not look very professional that is why we recommend Google Apps For Business and setting up your email account through there. It may not be the cheapest solution up front but it does give you the ability to remotely access your email from anywhere and connect to other google services very easy. Setting it up is a long and tiring process, we think you much rather spend your time running your business than making sure your email is work right. Which is why are ask why take time away from what earns you money when you can sit back and relax while letting us do all the hard work for you.

Website Hosting

What is a good website without proper hosting for it? We provide affordable hosting that has a 99.99% up time on it. Our goal is to ensure your site is always there to bring in new customers or handle returning ones as well. Our hosting runs on a vast network of servers placed in data centers around the world. We do this to prevent against fires, flooding, or environmental disasters should they occur at a single location. It is important to remember that data redundancy is not a back up that is why we make sure to do weekly or daily backups of your site for you. This again is another layer of protection offered when you choose to use us as your hosting provider. Picking the wrong hosting provider can result is unexpected down time for your site which might mean lost revenue for your business. That is a scary prospect to think about, take your time and make sure you pick the right one; US!, we jest. We do provide industry leading hosting for small and medium sized sites.

Interested in our services, please contact us.