Computer issues can be complex and challenging for most, our well trained staff are experts at repairing computers. If you are having issues, contact us. Our highly trained technicians will diagnose the problem and give you the options for going about resolving it. We will provide an approximate time to complete the repair as well as a quote for the repair. Weather it be a failed drive or a software issue you have come to the right company.

Pre-Visit Checklist

Please bring the following things with you when you come: -Personal desktop computer or laptop -Power cord if non standard -Windows and software installation media and product keys -Detailed description of the issue and how to replicate if you know -The password to your computer if applicable

Repair Process

We charge a $25 diagnose fee and following you being provided the diagnosis you will be given a quote for the work to be done within 24-48 hours. We don't do any work without your approval. If you choose to go ahead with the repair the diagnosis fee will go towards the final bill.

Hardware Installation

Weather you need a hardware installation or a new graphics card to render some games or for your professional programs we have technicians that will install and make sure it is ready to go for you upon pickup. We will install any hardware you have purchased before hand or help you select the parts that fit your budget and performance requirements. Contact us today to receive free consultation and a free quote.